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To be prepared in Maine for any crisis,
make a safety plan when things are calm


When your loved one’s doing well and is receptive to discussing what to do when trouble strikes, try making a safety plan together. A safety plan can help guide you through difficult times and keep you and your loved one safe.


A good safety plan includes:

  • Phone numbers for Maine psychiatric service providers who can help your loved one, or the phone number for your loved one’s psychiatrist if they have one, and the Maine Mental Health Crisis Hotline at 1-888-568-1112
  • Warning signs that alert you when a crisis may be developing
  • Coping strategies that have helped your loved one in the past
  • Healthy distractions that may ease the problem, such as people and situations that help
  • Where to go if you’re scared or you feel threatened.


Keep in mind…

A safety plan should be made with your loved one, if possible. It’s important for him or her to be involved in helping keep everyone safe.

Sometimes it’s very helpful just to ask, “What’s the best thing I can do to help when you’re feeling upset?” Your loved one may simply want you to be there when he or she needs to vent. Or he/she may answer, “I don’t know. We’d probably need to call the crisis hotline.”

That’s OK. There’s no “right way” or “wrong way” to write a safety plan. Your family should decide what to include and what’s important for you to have in your plan.

Get started today with this sample safety plan from the Suicide Prevention Resource Center.

Words of Hope

"When your family is in crisis, and your acutely ill loved-one is so altered in personality and affect, it can feel like someone you love has died. It is hard to believe that things could get better – but they can!  "
- CT


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