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What to expect when you’re helping your loved one receive mental health care in Maine...


Many people feel relieved when their loved one finally begins getting help for their mental illness. While this is a great step, patience through this time will be needed because the journey is not swift or predictable. Learn more about starting to get help for your loved one »


When medication is prescribed by your loved one’s mental health provider in Maine, patience is the key


There are many different types of medication for mental illness, and different combinations of medication may be used depending on your loved one’s diagnosis and body makeup. Learn more about how medication may affect your loved one with a mental illness »


Scared your loved one will spend time in a Maine psychiatric hospital or other facility?


Maine psychiatric hospitals or other mental health facilities may be the best answer for a loved one in crisis. There may be times when your loved one needs specialized care, and a psychiatric hospital is the best place for that care. Learn more about what to do when your loved one needs specialized care »


What to expect if you need help from the Maine police when dealing with your loved one’s mental illness.


Sometimes people we care about with mental illness act in ways that make us feel unsafe. It’s important to remember that YOUR SAFETY and the safety of others in your home should be your first priority. Learn more about mental health situations that may require police involvement »

Words of Hope

"I was so worried about calling a 'hotline' for help.  But it was great to be able to talk to someone who knew what to do!"
- DB


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