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Navigator Program


Navigating Maine’s mental health system can be challenging and confusing. We’re here to help ease the stress of finding the resources you and your loved one may need.

If you care for someone living with mental illness, you may be feeling overwhelmed, isolated, helpless, and alone. Trying to understand Maine’s mental health system, while trying to find resources to help your family can be a full time job that is often filled with frustration.

Wouldn’t it be comforting to have someone by your side who could provide guidance, help, and hope? Someone who can help make sense of the confusion swirling around you?

What does a Family Support Navigator do?

Our Family Support Navigator is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) who will help you:

• Understand what is happening in your family
• Connect you with appropriate resources
• Help you determine “next steps” for your family
• Answer any questions you may have

How does the Family Support Navigator Program work?

Help and hope begin with a phone call. Our trained staff will help set up your confidential, family focused program. You will receive:

1. Access to our Family Support Navigator who will:

• Meet with you one-to-one to listen to your concerns
• Explain how Maine’s mental health system works
• Help you create a plan to find the support and resources your family may need. Our trained staff and your Family Support Navigator will be available to answer your questions for 30 days after your one-to-one meeting.

2. Free Provider Search

• Based on the recommendations of your Family Support Navigator, we will be available to make phone calls on your behalf to help find providers taking new patients in your area.

3. A Hope Information Guide

• Your Guide includes helpful information about how the mental health system works, along with specific recommendations on how to help both yourself and your loved one. The Guide also includes a list of some resources you may wish to contact in your area.

4. A Medical Records Binder

• Your Binder supplies you with templates to begin the process of collecting mental health and personal information for your loved one. This can serve as an important tool when your loved one changes providers or has a mental health emergency.


If you would like to learn more about our Family Support Navigator Program, call us at (207) 396-4313

*Family Hope’s Family Support Navigator Program may be covered by your insurance. Call us for more information.

Words of Hope

"What I’ve needed from family members, peers and other people in my life, is for them to hold hope for me while I’m struggling with my illness and to provide support. With these, I have been able to continue to move forward and work my recovery."
- KE


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