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Family Hope was created from the frustration experienced by many families and friends as they struggled to find help for someone they care about who lives with mental illness. Founder Donna Betts started this effort as a passionate response to her own family’s struggles; she quickly discovered she was not alone in facing the hurdles and barriers of working with disconnected mental health resources in Maine. Family Hope is dedicated to educating, providing encouragement, and suggesting resources to aid family members and friends help someone they care about who is living with mental illness, strive toward recovery.
Family Hope was incorporated in 2012 to educate, encourage and guide Maine families who care about someone living with mental illness.


We hope to foster mental illness crisis prevention through education. This is the central starting point that connects families and friends to care providers, Maine’s Mental Health Crisis Hotline and much more.

  • Preventing a full-blown medical and psychiatric crisis will result in reduced costs through the need for fewer emergency room visits, fewer hospitalizations and a greater chance for recovery.
  • Knowledge alleviates fear. Educating Maine families and friends, and empowering them to help their loved ones, helps to reduce stress related illnesses which then can directly impact hospitalizations, loss of work by the person with mental illness as well as the family member, and other quality of life issues. This site is designed to provide general information about mental illness, Maine mental health resources, how to know when your loved one may need help, what to expect when your loved one begins receiving help for their mental illness, insurance considerations and other general information for family members.


In addition to providing helpful information, our mission is to provide hope by encouraging and supporting family members. We invite you to explore our resources to help you cope with your loved one’s mental illness, as well as words of hope that recovery for your loved one is possible.


Our personalized Family Support Navigator Program gives your family access to our LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) who will meet with you one-to-one to listen to your concerns and help you create a plan to fin the support and resources your family may need.  You can find more information about our Family Support Navigator Program here or you can contact us if you need personal assistance.

May you find relief and hope through this resource.

Family Hope
PO Box 1385
Scarborough, ME 04070-1385



Words of Hope

" Changes in how we understand, care for, and nourish anyone who is ill, begin with the language we use when we speak of them."
- NB


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Family Hope
PO Box 1385
Scarborough, ME 04070-1385




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Family Hope is Maine's resource for finding mental health services. We do not endorse any one program or organization. Our mission is to connect you to options, saving you time and frustration.
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